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Dependable & Honest Legal Advocacy For Your Family in Texas
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Family Law &
Trademarks Attorney
in The Woodlands, Texas

Jennifer K. Reekie

Attorney at Law

As an attorney and business owner in Texas, I have over a decade of experience representing people in need of legal advice and representation throughout The Woodlands, Texas, and neighboring areas, including Montgomery County, Spring, Magnolia, and Willis. Before opening my own firm, I gained valuable insight and knowledge working in the energy and securities legal field. Now, I leverage that experience in my current practice.


Put a Compassionate Attorney on Your Side

Your family is coming to me with its own set of circumstances. I'm ready to offer representation and advice tailored uniquely to you.


The end of a marriage often is accompanied by strong emotions, from sadness to grief. An experienced attorney can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Child Support & Custody

Working out the details of a child custody agreement, parenting plan, and child support figures can be daunting. A skilled family law attorney can help guide you through the steps.


Not all divorces have to be contentious. Mediation is a way to bring both sides together and rationally approach the division of assets and the dissolution of a marriage.

& Business Law

Running a business comes with certain legal rights and responsibilities, and a business law attorney can help you understand how to protect your business.

more on business law

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, or device that identifies and distinguishes one business from another. Trademarks are a type of intellectual property that you can register and legally protect from the use by another person or entity. To learn more about how to register your trademarks to safeguard your business products, call me, an experienced trademark attorney.

Need a Trusted Advocate for Your Family Matters?

Whether you are seeking a divorce or need child support, contact me in The Woodlands, Texas.



Advice for Your Personal
& Professional Matters

Owning a business can mean dealing with everything from business formation to business dissolution. If you are thinking of starting a business or are involved in a business dispute, contact me, an experienced business law attorney and mediator serving clients in The Woodlands, Montgomery County, Spring, Magnolia, and Willis, Texas.

Families can be a source of comfort and joy, but they can also be complicated. The legal issues that can arise from family situations can be complicated, too. An experienced family law attorney should be by your side to navigate these legal issues and help make informed decisions with a clear head.

Generally, family law is the area of law that consists of rules that govern the legal and financial rights involved in marriage and having children. Before getting married, you might think about a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse that will outline what you want to happen to your assets if the marriage ends. If you are contemplating separation or divorce, there are rules in Texas that dictate how a divorce proceeding will occur and how to divide assets and responsibilities involving children. When considering a divorce or divorce settlement, I can help protect your rights and negotiate a settlement that provides alimony or spousal support, child support, child custody, and asset division.