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Child Custody & Support
Attorney in The Woodlands, Texas

Seeking Sound Solutions To Custody Issues

It’s impossible for parents to separate without raising the complex and often uncomfortable topic of child custody. Whatever the situation for the parents, there are both major and minor issues to work out. While this includes deciding where the kids will live, it branches in many directions: child support payments, decision-making rights and visitation schedules are just a few of many items to be resolved. There is the parenting plan, but also how to address future concerns like picking out a school, providing health insurance and planning for a college savings account.

Child Custody Can Be Flexible To Your Family's Changing Needs & Lifestyle

There are many custody arrangements where parents share and rotate responsibilities in different ways. Decision-making, caretaking, finances and schedules are all variable. To ensure the best interests of your child, Texas courts allow different arrangements for different families with different needs.

While there is a Standard Possession Order in Texas, this is a state recommendation that is flexible to meet your needs. Working with a skilled family law attorney, you can create a parenting plan that fits your career or living arrangements instead of the prescribed formula. Parenting plans can also be modified as life changes. Your kids’ needs change with age and your own life will similarly change over time.

Meet Face To Face With Your Lawyer

At Reekie Law Firm, PLLC, we work with you to find parental arrangements that make sure you get the time you need with your kids, customizing our approach for you. Each family is different and there are many ways to make sure your parental rights are protected when your family arrangement is redefined by a divorce, breakup or out-of-state move.

From our office located in The Woodlands, we have helped Texas families with a number of custody concerns, including:

  • Modifications

  • Enforcements

  • Health insurance

  • Geographic restrictions

  • Substance abuse concerns

  • Absentee parents

  • Paternity

A Rational And Experienced Voice

We can help with any child custody concerns. From amicable settlements to contested litigation, we fight for you to make sure that you’re getting the legal representation your children deserve. If you’re amending an existing parenting plan or seeking restrictions against an unfit parent, we’ll work with you to settle your dispute in a rational and reasonable manner.

To discuss your case, call us or send us an email. We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation and offer flexible office hours for scheduled in-person meetings.